Work with me

Hi there!

Do you want to work with me? I am always open to new ideas and potential business or sponsorship opportunities.

Please hit me up if you’re serious and want me to promote you or vice versa.

Suitable Projects:

  • International Relations consultation (i.e. Do you want to know what life is actually like in China/ Benin/ Ukraine/ Haiti? )

  • Do you want to interview me for your travel series/ podcast?

  • Do you want me to be a guest on your travel blog/ platform?

  • Do you want me to advertise a product on my blog?
  • Do you want me to travel to your country and blog about it to my readers?

  • Other creative gigs like the one listed above but isn’t listed?

How to contact me?

First submit a contact card click the “contact Bebe” tab, (upper right hand corner). Second email me at Itsb (at)

Please state your name, your business’s name, phone number, and a brief summary of your project(i.e. compensation, duration, etc.). Keep your email succinct. Do not send me spam or inappropriate stuff. Do not send attachments! 

I will try to reply to you within 48 hours.


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