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Traveling during Omnicron epidemic?

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Many people are still traveling during this current Omnicron variant of the C-19 virus. For instance, one of my friends, has recently traveled to Germany from the USA. Another one of my friends recently traveled to the US from a country in South America. My most recent travel adventure was in Rwanda. You can click here to read about how that was. As of December 2021, I wouldn’t advise anyone to travel internationally unless its an emergency.

I believe the words of credible doctors and scientists, so the CDC and WHO are my go to for credible C-19 information. From what they’ve been documenting, it seems that the Omnicron variant is deadlier than any of the previous variants. Omni is also more contagious, spreads faster and so on. To me, this is enough to make any would be exciting weekend get away or week long vacay to some exotic country seem risky and dirty, lol. I just don’t want to deal with the paperwork, the expensive prices to get tests either for exit or entry;leaving Beijing was a hassle and a half and commuting throughout Rwanda during their lockdown was soo emotionally draining! All of which has taken the joy, excitement and thrill of traveling out of me for now… maybe until next year/ until the world beats Covid.


As usual use extra common sense if you’re planning to travel anywhere during this current wave of the epidemic and the holiday season.


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