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Travel hack: Travel around the world with less than $100.

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You read it right, you can travel around the world with less than $100. Several years ago I traveled to Rome, Italy as an foreign exchange student. I went over there with about $500 at that time, the euro was much stronger than the US dollar too! The struggle was real! Either way I don’t have any regrets; I made plenty of friends with Italians and other foreigners, I made some enemies too obvi. lol but they’re insignificant. Either way, click here to read about those Italian adventures!

This post will describe some simple hacks you can do to travel to a country/city with just $100 or less. Let’s go!

Travel hack
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Use frequent fliers points/mileage

There are plenty of credit card companies and airplane carriers that offer frequent flier points to people who travel with them often, however not all of them do it automatically, I know it may sound like a pain to check the option “are you a frequent flier”/ “insert your frequent flier number”. I used to travel a lot domestically when I was in Undergraduate and during Graduate school, I used a popular airplane carrier that offered amazing frequent flier privileges like free snacks/drinks and free flights once you have a certain amount of frequent flier points.

Rule of thumb: Don’t knock the frequent flier/mileage hack until you’ve tried it.

Use the cash you earn from money back offers such as credit cars, or a rebate deal.

This is similar to the aforementioned hack. Many credit card companies now offer some sweet cash rewards for simply using their credit cards, like Capital One. I have one that I use for 99% of my transactions, and each time I use it regardless if I am purchasing a plane ticket or gum I earn a fair percentage from that transaction as an incentive and yo, those reward dollars accumulate passively. Once I reach a certain dollar amount I can receive it as cash, or use it to pay off my existing credit card balance. I usually opt to receive it as as cash and I will use the money to buy an airplane ticket or have it as cash to use to travel somewhere.

Rule of thumb: You become free when your money works for you, without you having to work to earn it.

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Use free resources to find hosts/ cheap places to stay

There are plenty of resources you could use to sublet temporarily or a couch to sleep on. Click here to learn 4 pros to using CouchSurfing. You could use websites like the dinosaur Craigslist to find gems or artsy hole in the wall for pennies on the dollar in places like Brooklyn, NY. Others like Hostelworld and AirB&B can also be great resources to use to compare prices plus they can help you meet other travelers! Though I used to mainly travel by CouchSurfing, I’ve also stayed in Villas, hostels and hotels. All of those environments has their perks and cons so experiment!

Rule of thumb: $100 can go a long way but stretch it to make the most out of it!

Buy groceries and cook your food

And anotha one! Yo, this hack will save you money! I learned it haphazardly while traveling in South London, I was visiting a Couchsurfer friend I had hosted several years prior and he was returning the favor. While in London I realized how EXPENSIVE many things were such as the tube fare, Wifi, the taxi, etc. I had also been traveling there with little cash. So I made a conscious decision to buy some groceries after I unpacked my rucksack. I spent maybe 20£ and and this helped me manage my health and wallet. I purchased a bottle of water, some fruits, a loaf of bread, and other natural foods that I could cook so I can eat for breakfast and dinner. I would buy lunch occasionally or would skip it because I would be out exploring– my hunger generally is suppressed during my travels because I am too excited and I want to see lots of spots lol! I would never skip breakfast and dinner though, my inner foodie wouldn’t allow that!

Rule of thumb: When you buy food it will prevent you from spending excess money on snacks/ other non-necessities. Try it!

Sell your craft to earn more money

While I travel I don’t worry about not spending money either, I’ve learned to effectively budget each of my travels and I also will have emergencies in place in cash I lose/ spend all of my money. Click here to read 9 ways to earn money while you are traveling. Everything from renting your camera, subletting your room to charging people money to take photos with you, lols! Be as creative as you want! Technology has made it even easier and social media is the icing if you use it to make bread.

Rule of thumb: Money comes to the person who make ways to attract money.

Use apps like AuPar

Quick disclaimer I haven’t used Aupar however, many surfers I’ve hosted have candidly shared their experiences with me. I hosted a young Afro-Brazilian surfer who was a hardcore AuPar user, she told me how she was able to live for free with her AuPar familys children in exchange for her being a nanny to the AuPar host family. They also fed her and provided other benefits.

Rule of thumb: AuPar is just one app however, there are dozens of alternatives. Check Dr. Google.

In closing, you can travel while practicing a frugal lifestyle and make wealthy memories! All things are possible with the positive and “can-do” attitude. Get to it, go travel!


Which hack resonates with you the most?

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