Travel Hack: How to pack your life into one luggage!

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Pack these 7 items each time you travel!

Travel Hack: How to pack your life into one luggage!How exactly can you pack everything you NEED into one medium sized luggage? Over the years I’ve learned that it DOES take practice, patience, and to focus on your main priority (ies) to achieve this feat! For me, while traveling my goals are to be happy and to avoid headaches!

Having said that, everyone has their own ways of packing or none at all. However, for this post I will describe one simple way to pack your life into one bag.

My very first solo adventure was back in 12′, I went abroad to Roma, Italia for a semester of Undergrad. Click here to read the about that life changing adventure.

Let’s pause here for a moment, I know how stressful it is to pack, let alone have to pack your life in ONE tiny ass luggage!

Been there done that, so the first thing you should do is, to take a breath and grab a sticky-note/ paper and a pencil.


Draw a vertical line across the paper and write “Need” on one side and “Want” on the other side.

Next, list out the items you “want to bring” (i.e. cooking spices, 4 books) and compare it to the things you feel you “need to bring” (i.e. Passport/ ID/ cash).

Please take your time and write each item down consciously and don’t leave anything out. This step is crucial!

Step 2:

Grab your luggage/suitcase/rucksack and pack everything you’ve listed on your paper into it. What is the end result?

Everything cannot fit or the luggage will be over the 25kg weight limit which means that you will have to pay to get it on the airplane. =( Sucks right?

Now that you’ve tested that out, lets get to the nitty gritty!

Step 3:

Go through your lists and remove items you don’t really need (i.e. favorite frying pan).

Try to focus on 1) how long will your trip/vacation be, 2)what values will those items bring to you while you’re on said trip?, 3)will you feel discomfort to temporarily leave the item(s) behind?

The key again is to obtain the free checked luggage! And to keep your life simple so you can be receptive to your upcoming adventure(s).

What do I usually do?

I usually travel with my versatile 40L rucksack or a sturdy medium luggage. I also live a minimalist lifestyle so packing nowadays is a breeze!

I can usually pack all of my necessities for a short or long term adventure within 30 minutes! Not bragging.

I first begin with toiletries (i.e. feminine pads, deodorant, toothbrush), dozens of clean underwear, 2-5 pair of socks, & bras, 1 or 2 pairs of shoes.

Then I would select certain clothes and mix and match 2-5 sets based on colors, patterns, and comfort.

Once those necessities are packed I would make sure my boarding ticket, passport, money (i.e. cash & credit cards) and copies of my passport are on me so that I won’t waste time looking for them when I have to check in at the airport.

Lastly, I always bring 1 book, some pens, my DSLR camera, some multivitamins, my iPad, headphones to make the plane ride smoother.

And that’s it! My luggage is usually under 25kg. Give it a try!

Again, I don’t expect many of you who usually travel with 3 large luggage’s to drop the old habit and travel with one luggage overnight but if you want to try something new or you’re fiening for a challenge- try packing your life into one bag!

Use the travel hack I’ve stated above, it will save you time and money. It may also make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Happy travels!