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Top 3 Countries I want to revisit.

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If you’re new to AdventuresWithBebe (“AWB”) travel blog, welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy reading this posts and many of my other entries. The aim of AWB is to inspire more people to travel more and especially to travel more solo dolo (aka “alone”).  Let’s get back into this top, my top 3 countries!


Rome Italy! Ciao bella Roma! ( Hey beautiful Rome!) I traveled to Rome during my Junior year of Undergrad via an exchange program that my University offered. Click here to read about my Roma adventures. The opportunity was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I took it! I was filled with excitement and nervousness because prior to that trip I had never traveled alone. Not trying to sound cliche but going abroad, leaving the US as a college student did something for me that I feel could only come out of living life outside of the classroom. Sis, those Italian language books and dictionaries can only teach you soo much! Go out and live some more, outside of those books! The rest comes from you, aka “the traveler actually going out in the real world” as a rookie, a noob or as an ignorant tourist 😅😅😅 to get their feet wet with real world experiences (both good and bad). 

So what exactly did I like soo much about Rome or Italy? 

Tourists at the Spanish Steps

There were a couple of things, 1)I really appreciate the Italians warmth, inviting nature, and their hospitality to me. I had been invited to many of their homes for spaghetti and wine on several occasions though they didn’t know me from Eve or Adam 😅😅, this speaks volumes! It’s hard getting that sort of treatment in the US by other Americans let alone as a foreigner. Those memories really warm my heart and keeps me humble and grounded during trying times.

  • Those deliciously addicting Italian foods and snacks. If you haven’t already checked the yummy eats tab, click here. (I have pictures and names for most of the items I’ve eaten during my trips around the world). However, I don’t have any pics of the food I’ve eaten during my stay in Italy because it was a long time ago plus the iPhone wasn’t as awesome as it is now, lol! I had a cheap brick phone when I studied there. Which predates the Internet but I digress, I still remember how deliciously fulfilling most if not all of the Italian meals I had were. My go to was Quattro formaggio (4 cheese pizza), Bufalina Pizza and Nutella ( plus the knock off brands of Nutella too)!👅👅👅👅 so good! 
Spaghetti with tomatoes and spinach
  • Lastly, I like how many of the Italians were family focused but they were still aware of their surroundings, their neighbors whereabouts, and what was happening in their country economically, socially and politically. It’s not a common characteristic I’ve seen with other demographics or individuals some of them often tend to be one dimensional and offensively insular/ ignorant to societal/ internationally affairs.


The second country I am dying to revisit is tied between Thailand and Benin. I’d like to revisit Thailand because it’s been a while since I first visited it and I’ll be honest with you, I really miss authentic, cheap, but hearty Thai food. 

Bangkok, Thailand at night

Why do I want to revisit Thailand? I want to go there because 1) I’d like to explore more areas of Thailand especially the areas that are not so touristy and are a common go to for locals and also jungles/ forests.

Tuk tuk in Bangkok, Thailand

During my first trip to Thailand I didn’t really get to converse with many locals because my time was limited (2 weeks, but I had been commuting from Bangkok, Chiang-mai and some other areas I don’t remember their names) and I really was more focused on meditation, seeing monks, eating food more so then getting to know actual Thai folks. 

Thai food vendor


The other place I’d like to visit again is the tiny West African country called Benin.

Benin, West Africa bird view

Click here to read about some of the adventures you can do there. Benin was the first African country I visited and I had some fun there. Similarly to the Italians, many of the Beninese/ Benin folks were warm, inviting, and very hospitable.

Vibrant African fabrics

Though my trip was a mix of vacationing as a local foreigner, I didn’t get to see more of it due to transportation issues, language limitations (they speak French there lol -___- my French is complicated) and me just not having enough information on some of the other cities outside from the common ones that foreigners visited (i.e. Ouidah, Dahomey, Porto Novo, Cotonou).  I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew, especially because it was my first time in the African continent lol! 

I also liked most of the street foods I ate in Benin, click here to see the delicious photos and I hope you can try some of their dishes whenever you’re over there.

Benin food

So there you have it the 3 countries I’d like to revisit and will revisit soon are Italy, Thailand and Benin. Please share and comment.

Until next time! 

Travel smart and safe!



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