Thailand adventures part 2 of 2

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Hey folks, this post is part 2 of my Thailand adventures. Click here to read part 1, you might not understand the rest of this post by itself since it isn’t a standalone. lol. Happy reading and sharing of knowledge. Let’s continue!

Out of the blew I searched Couchsurfing app and wanted to link up with another local, so I connected with a Nigerian-American expat host who had been living in Thailand for a couple of years, she was originally from Chicago, IL. The night I linked up with her was also a slight misadventure because I had no data on my phone and at the time would take screenshots of google translated translations and directions to help me go from place to place. I agreed to link up with that host late one evening out of excitement and so that I could be flexible around her work schedule. 

To make a long suspenseful story short, I took a moto to her place but didn’t have her apartment number or something like that, I tried to tell the building’s guard who I was trying to visit and he kept saying maybe wrong building or something… it was so frustrating, I waited outside for 15 or so minutes until a Thai woman who was exiting, she spoke some English and assisted me by saying I was at the wrong building and that I needed to go a town over -____- 

I took another moto to the correct apartment building and made it to the hosts door and started knocking. It was much later in the evening now, I was tired, worried, and scared that I would be homeless for the night lol, but just when I was about to lose all hope, she opened the door, she was groggy lol and pointed me to the couch, she went into her room and shut her door. I remembered thinking “oh dang, I’m going to sleep on this couch, and I don’t even know this girl’s name.” I was a little anxious tbh but I prayed and reassured myself that nothing bad was going to happen to me lol. And so, I went to sleep with a clear head.

The next morning, I awoke to her asking me how my night went and so I told her the situation about the address, and she laughed about it and says “yes, its common.” We then started talking about her, where she was originally from, what she was doing in Bangkok, etc. She was also young, or we were the same age at the time, she left Chicago for Bangkok to get away from family drama and to pave her life’s own path. She was kind, direct and very strong lol, I liked her… Yoo! That girl had SOOO many stories about shady CS surfers, being poisoned by a jealous Nigerian family member when she went there to visit her dad, etc. I stayed with her and her then ex-Thai girlfriend for 3 days again to obtain a different perspective on life in Bangkok. Later in the morning her ex-Thai girlfriend woke up and introduced herself to me, her stories too were interesting, chaotic, traumatic but memorable lol. 

Their living environment was vastly different from my previous host’s, theirs was more working class, small, in a not so lively neighborhood in contrast to my other host, his was posh, upscale, spacious, and in the heart of downtown Bangkok. It is what is it, I liked them both, each environment had its pros and cons you know? The main highlights of staying with those two women was how they spent their time together, how much of their stories still resonated with me still to this day, and how thankful I am of them to have allowed me to stay with them on such last minute notice request. 

The last day I spent with them, we went to a mall and street market where I purchased some sneakers, played some arcade games and ate Thai junk food. I said my farewells and dashed to take a train or moto to return to my previous host’s pad.

To get to know my host’s wife, we agreed to go to a park to walk around and chat more. I got to listen to her stories, she was an African-American woman who was from Brooklyn, NY, we laughed at the fact that I might have met her mother who was very socially inclined and mad woke in the Brooklyn activism spaces once before, lol! Later that evening I tagged along with her to check out a Black in Bangkok event, while there I met all these beautiful (i.e. mainly African Americans) and 1 not so beautiful black expat who were all living or visiting Thailand. Little did I know how that social event would be the catalyst to my re-location to China for work a year later. (Click here) to read part 1 out of 3 posts about my life in China. (Click here for part 2) and (here for part 3).

While at this event, I met this smart, beautiful and charismatic African American woman who had been living in Thailand and teaching English at a school for several years. She was originally from Texas; she was super confident and balanced. We started chatting and I explained to her that I was going to graduate with my master’s degree in a few months and desired to work abroad to obtain more international work experience. She listened and gave me several vital suggestions that would change my life forever. Yo! When I tell you this sistah was mad persistent but in a good way, I seldom come across other women who are as direct, cleaver, and as ambitious as her, I think she was God sent foreal!

Thai food vendor awaits customers

As we continued chatting while other people bowled, she directed me to 2 teaching schools in Thailand and I explained to her that I would be returning to the US next week and we connected on Facebook… I remember thinking this is a great opportunity if I do as she did, this could change the course of my life in ways words can’t even describe! We exchanged contact info and still to this day have each other on FB and IG, she continues to be a positive role model for me, and I am forever grateful for her eagerness to help me out!

We chatted some more and ate dinner then parted ways. Once I arrived at my hosts place, I was emotionally drained but even more excited at the next course my life would take soon.

A day or 2 later I would leave Bangkok to travel by sleeper train to visit another past Surfer in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The trip there was a first for me, the train was small and very cheap but reliable. I saw lots of tourists, backpackers specifically who were equally as ambitious to explore Thailand their way, just as I wanted. Throughout Chiang Mai I visited dozens of Temples, I meditated so much, partied a bit; my host and I ate lots of tasty Thai desserts (click here) and visited a beautiful mountain. 

I stayed in Chang Mai for about a week and everyday was something new but way more laid back than Bangkok’s fast pace.

While there I met a monk, he added me on FB too lol. Throughout my stay in Chiang Mai I stayed in super cheap hostels and walked around by foot. I enjoyed Chiang Mai and felt great to have been able to reconnect with that surfer soo many years after I originally hosted him. I left Chiang Mai and faced some issues while attempting to obtain my ticket due to a rude staff member (click here to rea about some of my misadventure). Aside from that Thailand overall was an interesting place to visit especially if you’re on a budget and are eager to explore a culture as vast of the South East Asian region.

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