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Oh hai London, England adventures! A revisit!

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Hey hey readers!

Let’s get back to the groove of my travel adventures and misadventures why don’t we?
Now that Autumn/ Fall is officially here (depending on where you’re in the world), let me try my best to keep you all warm and entertained by sharing more of my unique past trips.

Several years ago, I visited two of my friends who lived in London, England during a two week mini vacation from my responsibilities ahaha!

So in usual “Adventures With Bebe” fashion, prior to flying to London, I did my research on England and London to have a better idea of what I would experience and face while there.

Yes, they spoke English which made things a bit more convenient but it wasn’t “American English”.

However, that wasn’t the biggest set back but yes, I skimmed through International Affairs news, this was pre-BREXIT so things were somewhat calm over there aside from ISIL/ ISIS terrorism…

I was somewhat comfortable with that but kept my ears and eyes open for any sudden changes, but something tragic did happen a few days into my trip. I’ll share more later in this post, just keep reading 😏.

Red London phone booth and black taxi cab

My research was pretty light and reassured me that I was going to have fun, discover lots of cool historical and art museums, British history, and hopefully a better understanding of British culture.

The key things on my itinerary were:

Visit Tate Modern Art Museum
Eat authentic British Fish & Chips (I was a vegetarian then so it worked out!)
Visit the British Historical Museum
Meet up with friend 1
Meet up with friend 2
Ride in a black taxi cab X
Ride a double deck bus

To avoid making this post super long, I’ll be concise, I was able to do everything except ride a black taxi cab, I found them to be super expensive and a huge tourist trap lol, so I skipped that.

My main criticism with London throughout this trip was how expansive almost everything seemed in contrast to the USD. I had a budget of £500. I was even more shocked when I realized that there were no free accessible Wi-Fi when I walked around downtown London and other touristic areas.

Back then, I used to bum Wi-Fi as a means of being on a tight budget, I didn’t want to buy Wi-Fi as a means to keep me immersed in the place I was traveling throughout and to prevent me from being distracted by social media and American way of life via those apps!

I learned over time that there is this warm sense of gratification and fulfillment that came over me whenever I would go 3 or more days without being connected to Wi-Fi while traveling and then would place a photo or a post to my social media accounts and would quickly log out so that my friends and families would see what I had experienced.

One sec, let me return back to the tragic event that happened while I was in London. It was maybe my 4th day there, I was impatiently waiting for a friend at a café somewhere for maybe 2 hours or so… later that evening, just one train stop away from where I was, a disgruntled Londoner went on stabbing many random strangers out of rage. The way I found out about it was because my friend mentioned the tragedy to me. I just recalled thinking “wow, that was super close to where we were.”

Overall, London was clean, had modernly beautiful architecture that combined old and new materials (i.e. the exterior of various buildings throughout downtown and residential areas alike),  their infrastructure was great! The buses and trains were always on time, they were clean and the staffs seemed happy to be working and they enjoyed their jobs.

Would I like to revisit?

Yes, sometime soon. I’d like to see how different London is Post-BREXIT.

There you have it folks, London adventures, what did you like?

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Love- B


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