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How is life in China? Part 2 of 3.

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Let’s get straight into it! How is life in China? If you haven’t read part 1, click here to read it. For part 2 I will state 4 aspects I dislike about Chinese culture. There are more than 4 however for brevity 4 is fine, lol!

Living in China has continuously allowed me to learn about Eastern cultures (i.e. South Korea, Japan) in addition to the cultures of Chinese people. I am grateful and humbled for all of the experiences I have while in South Asia. I have had more positive experiences in contrast to negative or sour experiences- which is the human experience right? But yeah, no regrets!

What is the first aspect I dislike about Chinese culture?

#1 I dislike ….:lack of artistic creativity

I dislike the lack of artistic creativity. Prior to living in Beijing, I have been living throughout various American North-Eastern and South-eastern cities and thus have been exposed to running into creative people (i.e. artists, graffiti artists, poets, painters, singers) often! However, that isn’t the reality in Beijing which stunts my creativity immensely because I am not being able to share artistic ideas with other like minded creatives.

Beijing in addition to some other Chinese cities do have museums, art galleries and some small artistic spaces which has allowed me to get my creative fix every once in while however, it pales in comparison to literally walking outside anywhere in Brooklyn, NY or Downtown Miami, FL and seeing massive vibrant art murals on a building/ going to concerts.

#2 I dislike….:lack of access to intellectuals

Similarly to #1, living in New York was a fascinating experience because everyone was an individual, they all possess their own unique personalities, quirks, intelligence, etc. In China from my personal experiences it the complete opposite, many of the Chinese are conformists, the differences are subtle like clothing, and maybe educational attainment but in terms of individualism it doesn’t exist– it might exist amongst the younger generation out of subtle rebellion. -____-

Again, I am not speaking on the behalf of all Chinese people, I am aware that I am making some generalizations here, however these are from my daily experiences. I also have been grateful to have lived with some Chinese women, I have been invited to eat with many Chinese families from various social-economic classes, etc. However, for the most part they have more similarities than differences when contrasted with American/ foreign civilians.

I am an intellectual so again, the past couple of years I’ve been living in China has rarely allowed me to have deep, intellectually stimulating conversations with the majority of Chinese people I’ve met/ have befriended. I would have these deep conversations with foreigners from African, European and North American countries; in rare instances with an actual Chinese. They would either do not know about the subject/topic.

I am aware that the conformist aspect may originate from their Confucianism indoctrination, which is also upheld in variation in South Korea and in Japan. To each their own.

#3 thing I dislike…: Chinese work culture!

Many Chinese employers offer jobs however, their employees must work “6,6,9”. What those 3 numbers mean is that many Chinese employees work 6 days a week Monday-Saturday and they will have Sunday off. Some work from 6am-9pm but many of the ones I know would work 10am-10pm… many/all of their overtime is unpaid. In Japan this is called karoshi work culture, (過労死)… though the Chinese are not dying from being overworked the way that many Koreans and Japanese are.

Now, this isn’t the situation for all of the employed Chinese civilians but it is for many of them. Feel free to Google or read their Government’s statistics regarding the population size of “6,6,9” employers.

The bright side is that, many of the Chinese are employed which allows them to send their children to go to school, and to save their money so they can do whatever they want with it.

“Beggars can’t be choosers.”

I prefer to be employed over being unemployed in a developing country any day!

#4 I dislike…: the static state of being a woman in China

I should’ve actually made this my #1 dislike however they are not arranged in terms of importance, so yeah! Being a woman in China is to an extent like how the US or France was prior to women liberation movements where my female ancestors fought for their rights to vote, employment, education, reproduction rights and such.

Did you know:

The US prior to the 1960’s, women were discriminated against in every aspect of their lives, they were forced to bear children and be a HOUSEWIFE because of white male patriarchy. Which is incredibly unfair and depressing!

Hundreds of thousands of women literally languished and were slaves to their husbands, they were miserable, they were DEPENDENT, uneducated and were not protected by her own willpower. Very little positives existed for women during this time in American history, I DON’T CARE what anyone has to say on this! Women were all enslaved though many of them were married, she had no freedom!

Back to China, I still see remnants of traditional Chinese Patriarchy daily/weekly, where the woman walks behind the male instead of them walking side by side as equals. There are still many woman both young and old who do not work, they are housewives, the male is the breadwinner. There are other households where the males do all of the speaking and the female listens and has absolutely no autonomy or freedom. I have also seen in several documentaries about South Korea that is still the current situation for many females which is sad and an eyesore.

But to each their own, I am grateful that the US amongst many other countries have passed laws and policies to enhance, protect and provide gender equity for women and girls. Gender Equality is one of the areas I am passionate about so seeing how some females in China is still being forced to marry someone they do not like or don’t know out of saving face for toxic and patriarchy ridden tradition is unbearable to see.

And there you have it, 4 aspects of Chinese culture I dislike.

Which # do you agree with?

Did you learn something new?

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Travel safe folks!


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