How many adventures have I been on?

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How many adventures have I been on?

Hmm, I would be lying if I told you an exact number because one adventure could consist of dozens of smaller mini adventures.

Not trying to be technical,but anyone who knows me well enough know how much of a stickler I can be when it comes to specifications in general, lols.

But who is counting? You are still asking me How many adventures have I been on?

The super short response is 14.

I am alive and learning from the world that we’re living in. I will share some interesting adventure insights to you as a means to help you on your travel journey.

Ask yourself this question: Why do you seek adventures?

For me, responding to this question has become somewhat routine, but the words sometimes change from “adventures” to “travel”. The short response,

“I seek adventures because they allow me to challenge myself in many different ways. In ways books cannot but a way that ONLY “life experiences” can teach you.

The long response is because I enjoy challenging my chances of surviving in a different country/ in a culture that is foreign to mine. So whenever I travel I am usually practicing to see how I would fare off in a place that is foreign to me.

Would I have enough confidence or courage to ask a stranger for help/ directions?

Would I be able to survive eating their foods? How would my body react to the foreign bacteria, etc?

Lols! I am aware none of those responses were what most of you were probably thinking I would say but that’s the truth. It’s boring and technical right? I know. Now you, what’s your answer?

How many adventures have I been on?

How many adventures have I been on?

Before I go further, I’ve traveled to 14 countries I’ve explored: Benin, China, Haiti, Hong Kong, Canada, Italy, Thailand, Taiwan, Ukraine, France, England, Japan, South Korea, Singapore.

I am aware of the sensitivities around China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. I have my Masters degree in International Relations and am aware of their affairs about who rules whom.

However, I also know many locals of all three countries and therefore acknowledge each country as it’s own unique nationality, they have their own individual custom(s), and history.

To expand a bit about my statement of one adventure consisting of many mini adventures, yes its complicated but also unnecessary.

If you’re one to keep records of specific adventures than cool, I aim to have an immersive experience whenever I travel or whenever I go on one of my adventures.

The large “adventure” in the sense of the word’s meaning would just be “1” per each country I visited despite me having visited let’s say 5 different cities within said country.

The next question you ought to ask yourself, how do you feel when you’re living in the present during one of these adventures?

It may seem like a trick question but it isn’t, it’s direct. Traveling is one of very few activities I can do anytime that forces me to be 100% PRESENT in the here and NOW!

It causes me to be hyper observant, incredibly happy, completely engaged, and I always feel fulfilled even when aspects of the adventure doesn’t go as planned. Those experiences will humble you.

How about you?

The last question, do you always make a plan B or C if adventure A fails?

As I mentioned in these posts, 5 easy travel hacks you should be doing and 7 rookie traveling mistakes you should stop doing.

I do generally create a detailed travel itinerary with plans B, C, and sometimes D. lol, nuts right?

I know, ahah but time is money and time is scarce so I figured its always better to be over-prepared than not.

Fair enough right?

What are some of your thoughts?

Got suggestions? Write a comment below. =)

Travel smart folk!


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