12 cool free things to see in Rome, Italy- NOW!

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12 cool free things to see in Rome, Italy- NOW!

There are always so many free things you can do in Rome, Italy. Like walking around its many plazas or drinking public tap water 24/7. Even if you’re traveling right now, during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Make sure to use these APPS to help you. Click here to read the post. Throughout this post I will list 12 cool free things to see in Rome, Italy- NOW!

I studied abroad in Rome during my Junior year of college and I will always cherish those adventures, misadventures, and appreciate Italy’s randomness, ahah! Below is list a dozen free or low cost things you can see or do right now!


A trip to Italy is not complete without you taking a cheesy picture inside or near the historically beautiful Coloseo. I took plenty! Be creative and original. =P

Trevi Fountain

The iconic Trevi fountain is not too far from the Colosseum. I used to walk near this fountain a lot, watching people throw coins into the fountain and seeing the water streams was relaxing. Randomly though, I had planned to skinny dip there for my 21st bday, but the police were near so instead I enjoyed my first full alcoholic beer as a 21 year old with a friend. The trevi is nice to see any time during the day.

Vatican Museums

The Vatican museums are large and exciting to explore. You can discover so many amazing sculpting and artifacts. A huge go to for historians.

Sistine Chapel

This is also a go to for travelers and tourists alike, the rooftop view and views of the ceilings are breathtaking.

St. Peter’s Basilica

This Basilica is extravagant, and a must visit for all visitors. A go to for history nerds and for families.

Roman Forum

I used to walk near the Forum daily to get to University, however during the evening was ideal for me to people watch and imagine what life was like during the Roman empire. The Roman Forum is well preserved. You can take some cool photos there.


The Pantheon is another timeless spot to check out with family, friends or if you’re alone. It’s old but up-kept really well.

Villa Borghese

I visited the Villa Borghese less than a handful of times because it was a bit away from my apartment however at night the area is buzzing with people and festivity.

Campo De Fiori

I went to Campo De Fiori a couple of times mainly during the evening time because that’s when you can really see Rome as a 24hour city, the bars, clubs and restaurants would be packed.

Spanish Steps

The Spanish steps are a breath of fresh air and you could jog it or take some cool selfies w/ yourself, friends, and family.

Piazza Del Popolo

This is another cool spot to people watch, to walk, and to clear your head while absorbing Italian culture.

St Peter’s Square

One of Rome’s many public squares, lots of space to chat with locals and visitors alike.

Mouth of Truth

An exciting area to see and throw coins into the mouth of truth and listen closely to the words the mouth whispers to you.

A great place to visit especially with little children or exciting visitors.

Which areas have you visited?

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Do like the Romans and travel!


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