First post

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First post

Hey folks! This is my first post. I hope you will periodically check my blog and travel the world through my experiences.

First post

I’ll keep this post short, but also to express some of my other interests. I’m not monolithic and am very much alive and LIVING!

I am always evolving for the better and to stay current with the time while also preserving some aspects of my past (i.e. cultures/ traditions) if I find it necessary.


I have dozens upon dozens of interests. Literally ranging from DIY tasks to excavating. However, I will share some ofmy top 5.

I am super passionate about traveling and meeting like minded people. I am a huge Nintendo fan, I actively collect Game Boys.

I still play my Nintendo Gamecube! Daisy, Luigi and Yoshi are some of my favorite characters.

I usually create super tough female characters when given the choice. #GirlGamer

I also am an activist for various causes like the Black Lives Matter, Gender Equality, Universal Education, HeForShe, amongst others.

I am an active introvert, so I mainly plan to recount my lived experiences and share some photos/videos without me being the main focus- the experiences will be.

Hence the photo for this post.

Some of my other interests include investing in stocks, cryptocurrencies, reading books, volunteering at certain non-profit and civil society organizations–I am a life long learner.

I hope you can grow with me, please leave a comment below and share.

Safe travels!


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