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What Covid-19 vaccine should you take?

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Disclaimer: I am not a scientist/ I am not endorsed for this post. I AM NOT A CERTIFIED HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. These are just my opinions. I also DO NOT intend on taking any of the COVID-19 vaccines that I will detail. Slight update, I’ve taken my first shot of Pfizer, and will soon be receiving my second dose. Due to me watching documentaries on diseases and such, I mean the vaccines are free in the US. Some other places things seem more complicated where people who want to take the vaccines cannot for various reasons, so that’s that. =)

Let’s get straight into it. There are several vaccines that are currently available in various countries around the world as we continue to live with the dangerously infectious Corona 19 ( “COVID-19”/ “C-19”) virus. Click here to read this post if you plan to travel during the pandemic, travel safe.

If you haven’t learned how germs and viruses in general are transferred from animals to humans and from humans to humans, please go to Mrs.YouTube and Dr.Google to educate yourself.
Other vital resources are Bill Gates TED Talk on diseases plus other documentaries on past human epidemics like the Spanish Flu, Swine Flu, SARS, HIV & AIDS outbreak of the 70 & 80s throughout France and the USA.

I will present the current statistics on these vaccines (all of which can be obtained from the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (“WHO”) and other health focused organizations like the CDC, and BMJ (, so you can be better informed on which to take or not to take due to your preference. Again, I’m not a scientist or any of those folks, I’m just a conscious traveler.

Vaccines list:

PFIZER-BIONTECH-BNT 162B2Effectiveness: 60-70% against symptomatic C-19 & 80% protection against hospital admission.- CDC
Doses: 1

ASTRAZENECA-AZD1222Effectiveness: 60-70% against symptomatic C-19 & 80% protection against hospital admission.- CDC
Doses: 2

Serum Institute of India- COVIDSHIELD

Effectiveness: 70-90% protection against C-19 after taking both doses.
Doses: 2


Effectiveness: 85% against C-19.- CDC
Doses: 2


Effectiveness: 60-70% against symptomatic C-19 & 80% protection against hospital admission.- CDC
Doses: 2


Effectiveness: 79% protection against C-19.-CDC
Doses: 2


Effectiveness: 56-65% after 2 doses

Doses: 2

Doses: 2

Effectiveness: 92% protection against C-19 during trials. -BBC
Doses: 2

And there you have it folks, hopefully these information gives you some key insights to make your selection or nah.

There are still some other vaccines that are currently in their trial phases so they are not yet available for mass production. So stand by and stay informed.

Have you been vaccinated?

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Travel smart =)


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