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3 ways to avoid standing out as a tourist/ traveler when you’re traveling:

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Throughout this post I will state 3 + ways to avoid getting scammed or taken while traveling.

1: Research

Research the place/ country you plan to visit prior to buying your ticket. Learn about aspects of their culture, societal norms, taboos, current political situation so you can be more informed and to decrease your chances of getting taken advantaged of or worst. You can search American kidnapped… foreigner kidnapped by a local. Etc. Prevent yourself from being part of that disturbing statistic!

Shadow reflection of gun held at someone.

2: Common sense

Once you’re at your destination, follow common sense by observing how the people move, dress, and how they interact with one another. A lot of people do this whenever they’re going somewhere they’re unfamiliar with for the first time for their safety or for other reasons. Do the same as the locals, to minimize yourself from standing out too much.

3. Blend in to your environment.

Try not to talk too loud or too directly. Speaking as an American, I usually speak loud when I am super excited or angry about something 🤣😂 but as for directness yes that too is one of my super powers. “Do you like this skirt?” -someone “no.”- me 😒 I’ve learned over time especially since living in Asia that directness in some cultures can often be misinterpreted as rude, it might even offend the other persons who will receive the response. I’ve learned to say “no” in more indirect ways like by ignoring or walking away or just by acting dumb to the entire proposal 😂😂 “no comprende”. Ahah! All of a sudden I forgot how to speak English, try it!


Flashy dressed male.

Here is a bonus, dress similar to the locals. It’s easy for many of us to dress flashy because for many of us its the norm, but if you’re traveling to a country where many of the people are living below the poverty line and you’re unaware of the current political climate/ situation, you maybe a target of theft, robbery or kidnapping if not worst. 

As I always say, observe your environment and follow your gut instincts all the time. Shout “no!” If you have to. 

I hope these 3 tips will help you as you explore more of the world folks!



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