About me.

About me

Bebe in China

About Me.

Hey!  Thank you so much for discovering my blog.

I’m Bebe, nice to meet you. I’m an adventurous Haitian-American solo female traveler.  I created this blog to showcase my unique traveling adventures throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

So far I’ve traveled to 15 countries but am constantly seeking my next adventure or misadventure =p.

How’d you find my blog?

I hope my blog will inspire you to travel.

And that my blog entries will help you branch out of your comfort zone and discover how incredible the world is!

My background

A little about me,  how did I get into traveling? How did I become so adventurous?

I was first bitten by the travel love bug back when I was in Undergrad.

Back in 2012 while in University, I enrolled in an exchange program to go to Rome, Italy because I had been studying Italian.  I had taken two semesters worth

(2 years equivalent) of Italian language and figured why not go live in Italy and practice speaking Italian to actual Italians?

So I did just that, I obtained the documents, completed the application process, and from there I was off to the races!

Prior to that, I had never traveled alone, nevertheless, I was super excited, nervous, and did plenty of research (i.e. watched movies, PBS travel

documentary, quick Google searches) and imagined what Rome was going to be like. I binge watched Eat Pray & Love at-least 3 times that summer!!

Being in Rome opened my eyes in a way books, television, and conversations could not! I was there to see, to feel, to smell, and taste the delicious foods for

myself. To embrace Italian culture in it’s entirety!

Little did I know how that particular semester of college would change the trajectory of my life!

It is now Fall (Autumn) and I arrived in Rome, having only known basic Italian. I had packed only ONE medium sized suitcase (because Rick Steve showed me

how to) and I wore an offensively bright neon pink fanny pack (because I thought it was cute at the time, and would protect me from potential pick-pocketers) —

At Fiumicino International Airport, I stood out the way the foreigner OBVIOUSLY does,  lol!

I did know how that student exchange experience with all of its adventures and blunders would change the my views and my status in the world!

After that semester, I returned back to University in the US and experienced reverse culture shock, ahah! =( Graduated from college in 13′, relocated to a major

city in the North East.


My professional career background:

I’ve earned my Masters degree in International Relations and a Bachelor degree in Pre-Law.

I’ve lived in various cities throughout the USA. I’ve worked dozens of odd jobs and semi-climbed the corporate ladder but didn’t see it as my passion in life.

So, I first quit one of those jobs and went abroad to Bangkok, Thailand for a few weeks to reset.

From there on, I wanted to travel more to embrace cultures that were foreign to mine( Afro-Haitian-American), to make friends with the locals from those cities

and to learn about their country’s history, religion(s), eat their foods, and learn about their beliefs.

Enough about me, I’ve created this blog for you.

I want to inspire you to travel around the world.

Let’s travel together. -B

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