9 fast ways to make money while you travel!

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9 fast ways to make money while you travel!

Who said that because you are traveling or on an adventure you cannot earn money? Right, no one! Generally, when I travel, I passively think of ways to earn money so that I can earn some extra cash while also testing my entrepreneur spirit. This post will detail 9 fast ways to make money while you travel!

Making money does not have to be complicated either, many of the fast ways I will list below generally involves money you can get paid from by working informally, however keep in mind that the more informal the job descriptions are the higher the risk you might get scammed, so be careful and use your common sense.


#1: Become a street performer

If you’ve ever visited New York City or Paris during the summer / spring seasons you’d deff have come across several street performers who are making fast cash selling their skills as dancers, playing their musical instruments, singing or they are doing another form of performing arts. Don’t bash em, try it! It takes a lot of guts, courage, and confidence to unofficially perform in busy plazas, squares or on subway trains for hundreds of people to make a living. Many of them make crazy money too! What street skill could you sell for a quick buck?

#2: Sell your art/ artisan crafts

If dancing or singing isn’t your passion, you can sell some of your original arts/ artisan crafts at traders market. Many cities like Rome and NYC have weekly weekend markets during certain seasons. Visiting local cafes and viewing their bullet boards can expose you to some of these popular local spaces.

#3: Sell your original photographs

You travel often so you must have dozens of awesome pictures. I know I do! An easy way to make cash is to sell some of these photographs either by printing them or uploading them to photo hosting websites like iphotostock.

Be creative as possible and use your resources. Passive sources of income is one my favorite ways to earn money!

#4: Teach English

Many travelers get their feet wet by earning stable salaries by teaching English abroad in countries like Japan, Kenya, Mexico, and Thailand. I too started this way, I worked for a massive international company that provided me with a Free TEFL Certificate which I earned by completing their modules… which helped me streamline my entry to teaching English in China. I’ve since left said company because of various issues, (i.e. toxic work environment, low pay, it was a career suicide to stay any longer than my contract required, and I DO NOT recommend anyone to work for this company- they suck!).

Without going down a deep depressing rabbit hole, every English teaching company has their own requirements so as always read the fine print, ask questions and plan your goals adequately. If done right, you could land a sweet deal where you’re earning over $50,000 annually while living in a country like Thailand and you’re working only 5 hours a week. Deals like that do exist almost everywhere! It requires a lot of research, some patience, networking, and taking risks that the average person won’t take. If you see said opportunity, take the risk, like I did! =D

#5: Create workshops

I’ve met travelers who have attended cooking workshops from apps like MEET Up or CouchSurfing. I’ve personally never attended one while traveling but I would assume you can make a lot of fast cash if you leverage your creativity, while marketing to a niche audience, etc. One of my solo female African American pals attended a cooking workshop while she was in Thailand, she learned how to cook a delicious Thai dish. She loved the experienced!

#6: Partner with a local business owner

With almost all of these fast cash ventures, you will need to be able to effectively communicate what you want to do, your objectives, and goals. You’ll need to network. If you’re really confident and or are very familiar with a place. Try to speak to some local business owners and propose a partnership idea that will benefit you both.

#7: Sublet/ rent a spare room on Airb&B

If you’re someone who own a place or are staying in an AirB&B you could room-hack it by renting the room to a paying customer temporarily to make a profit or to decrease your expenses. I haven’t heard too many travelers try this however, it is something I’ve done however not through AirB&B. On several occasions while I was traveling, I temporarily sublet my private room in NY for several hundred of dollars to tenants. It could be a win win if you do it right and find the right tenants. However, just as easily, could become a misfortune if done poorly. It’s risky.

#8: Volunteer in exchange for food/ housing

I’ve met several CourchSurfers who have volunteered for international organizations like WWF and AuPair. They’ve shared their unique stories with high acclaim. I fortunately or unfortunately have never done either but the philosophy behind both organization seems promising. If you’re curious check them out.

#9: Sell your skills

You’d be surprised how many skills you posses that you overlook that can make you serious cash if you knew how to monetize them in a developing country or remotely. For example, you could rent a small space and offer a basic introduction to computer classes in a remote country. Or you could rent out your camera or laptop to paying customers in a specified area for an agreeable amount of time. Yes, I am aware this is a bit risky however if done right and with the right people you could make passive money while you’re on your smartphone while eating a snack when a customer is using your DSLR to take pictures for 20 minutes.

Let me know, which money making skill did you learn?

Other thoughts, comment below.

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