Pack these 7 items each time you travel!

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Pack these 7 items each time you travel!

Pack these 7 items each time you travel!

Another no frill post about some key items you need to have packed or on your persons each time you travel!

I can not stress this enough, traveling on a budget or extravagantly DOES NOT have to be stressful, tiresome, or time consuming. You just have to learn and discover as many travel hacks as possible. So here is a set of 7 to equip yourself with for your next trip.

Number 1: Pack a Passport, ID card & passport copies

This is still an overlooked area for some people, however I hope with time it becomes a habit just like brushing your teeth daily.

If you do not have your passport or an ID card you will not be allowed on any plane, PERIOD! Check out these 7 rookie traveling mistakes.

Number 2: Carry Cash (i.e. credit cards, debit cards, crypto wallets)

I can’t stress how stressful traveling to foreign countries without liquid currency is! Always double check that you have your passport and some cash on you before you travel.

I always make it a habit to download some currency exchange APPs a few days before my trip so I can know the rates.

And I would go to my local bank and withdraw and exchange money to the foreign currency while still holding some of my domestic cash for emergencies.

I pack a credit card for the same reason, mainly for emergencies.

As cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream it would be cool to access and pay for something with your Bitcoin ($BTC) or other cryptocurrencies.

Number 3: Print & pack your Boarding pass, and /visa

Nowadays traveling can be done with electronic boarding passes however not all airlines or countries have this feature.

Many airlines across the US have allowed me to board planes with my electronic boarding pass but internationally that still isn’t a thing.

I usually print my boarding ticket a day or two prior to my trip worst case scenario the airport can’t print one for you. Learn this awesome pack hack, how to pack your life in one luggage.

Number 4: Pack some pens

No joke, I’ve been on international flights without a writing tool and would feel anxious because you have to fill those immigration cards.

-___- I’ve been in this situation more than once so I’ve made it a rule whenever I am traveling to throw some pens in my carry-on just in case I have to sign something.

Number 5: Pack your smartphone and/ tablet

I am a millennial and constantly praise many aspects of technology but it is true that not all forms of technology are made equal or with the same standards.

Having said that, if you have a tablet or a smartphone bring them both just in case.

I’ll tell you a short story about my recent trip to Japan, I did a tour of 5 cities…this was during the start of COVID-19, The Chinese Government had locked down Wuhan but had not canceled international flights to or fro.

The second to last day of my stint in Japan, I received notification that my flight from Shizouka, Japan was canceled, I panicked!

I immediately phone called the ticket company, they couldn’t find a feasible solution and stated they will refund me my ticket after several days. I got off the phone and thought about buying another ticket from a different city, Tokyo.

I first tried to purchase the ticket from my iPhone to no avail my credit card was being denied by the website.

Luckily, I had my iPad and was able to purchase my ticket without issue. And just like that, I avoided a possible calamity on my adventures last leg.

Number 6: Clean sets of clothes & undergarments

This goes without saying. No one want’s to sit or talk to someone who looks dirty, has body odor, or is perceived as disheveled.

Pack up some nice, clean clothes plus deodorants and toothpaste amongst your other toiletry because you never know who you may run to on your next adventure. ㋛ ㋡

Number 7: USE common sense

Please bring common sense with you. If A will not get you to your B or C, why do it? And remember to mind your business!

Which number did you find helpful?

Which number do you dislike?

Please share and comment!

Peaceful travels!


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