6 must do when solo traveling.

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6 things you must do when you're traveling solo.

There are dozens of amazing activities you can do while you travel. Read the6 must do when solo traveling. Read along and equip yourself. Let’s begin.

1: Sign up for group tours

Adequately plan your trip so that you can have the most fun un-apologetically! Many solo travelers sign up for group hikes, workshops, and group tours.

Others like me prefer to have a more local feel, so I generally avoid tourist traps or scams (i.e. overly priced food or merch. usually found in tourist laden areas).

Are you a tourist or a traveler? Click here to read Tourist vs Traveler.  You can also find meet ups and tours via apps like Meetup, CouchSurfing, amongst dozens of others.

2: Create your unique itinerary

I can’t stress this enough, when you design your itinerary be realistic, creative, etc – it’s how you’ve anticipated your adventures will happen or will not happen.

Look at it this way, if you don’t create an itinerary there is a good chance that you’ll let life happen to you while you’re in another city or country instead of you

LIVING LIFE by consciously making the most out of your trip. They seem similar but they’re vastly different. The “can do” and “will do” attitude in contrast to

the “I don’t want to”/ “I will eventually” attitudes. Choose one. Good luck!

3: Speak to local strangers or nah?

This is also one of my favorite go-to, I travel with the goal of immersing myself into another culture. What’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to do that?

You’ve guessed it! To talk to the people who are natives of said place. Again the key to traveling is to keep life simple and to indulge in the various adventures. I

get it, meeting new people is not easy to everyone, however, overtime if you take initiative you can develop this vital human skill of communication and hence

will increase your livelihood tenfolds. The greatest leaders possess impeccable communication skills, lol.

4: Be open minded and get out of your comfort zone.

There are dozens of benefits that comes with people who are 1) emotionally intelligent, 2) confident and 3) are open minded. People who posses those three

qualities usually have way more fun and continuously enjoy themselves because they are comfortable in their skins and understand that traveling is a vulnerable experience.

Vulnerable but not so much as in that you are weak or fragile but just the opposite that you allow yourself to be in a foreign place while being eager to experience

from said unfamiliar setting. It will only provide you with life long strengths and awesome memorable stories. Trust me! If you’ve read about my Tokyo, Benin,

Italian adventures amongst the others there were always points during those trips where I had to be receptive to what was happening around me, you will always

have a choice (1) engage or (2) don’t engage. Both choices have their own plethora of pros and cons. Like that timeless saying “Life is what you make of it.”

5: Go along with the unpredictable ride

Despite me advocating the importance of having your unique itinerary for each of your travels, there are naturally going to be elements you CANNOT

CONTROL, that’s life. For instance, you planned and paid in advance to visit a venue however once you arrive at said venue they’ve closed or are under

renovation. What would you do then? Go home, in defeat?

Nah, I usually would have a plan B or C in cases such as the aforementioned scenario. Life goes on with or without you. Make the most of each moment and be

alive. Go walk around and get over it. =P

6: Mind your business and tend to your affairs

I cannot overstate this tip enough! Some people depending a great deal on their cultures or from their individual egos have this “super hero” complex about

themselves. Depending on how you interpret it this could be a negative or a positive attribute. To keep this short, there are a lot of nuances and cultural taboos in

every culture that you and I do not know (i.e. gender norms, societal taboos, the significance of a certain color of a fabric). For instance, if you are in a foreign

country and see two or more people arguing, do not stop and watch or worst, interfere. Mind your business and tend to YOUR AFFAIRS! Pass GO and keep straight!

Superheroes usually exists in Hollywood movies for a reason. They’re a fantasy!

I’ve read dozens of horrible stories about mainly boys butting into other people’s affairs while he was on vacation somewhere; learn from this telling

misadventures. 1) He did not have an understanding of the full picture (i.e. what was actually happening/ who instigated what, etc), 2) his male ego and bravado

and his lack of an itinerary (i.e. his trip did not have any structure), 3) he overlooked the fact that he was alone (i.e. a foreigner vs natives). Without scaring any of

you readers, the guy was severely beaten, robbed or worst. Not victim blaming.

The moral to the story is to mind your business especially when you’re traveling alone in foreign places. Everyone doesn’t worship Wonder Woman, Spider-Man or Black-Panther, lol.

Not meaning to end of a dark note, but traveling is a privilege of being alive, use common sense and observe your surroundings. I hope my tips will help you, please share with a friend or two.

Which tip is your favorite, least favorite?



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