5 easy travel hacks you NEED do each time you travel.

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5 easy travel hacks you NEED do each time you travel.

Traveling is easier today than ever before due to advancements in technology. There are also hundreds of travel agencies you can check to find your best rates for just about anything– within seconds!

Here are 5 easy travel hacks you NEED do each time you travel.

Do not make traveling more complicated then it needs to be.

Keep it simple by following these 5 easy travel hacks.

The aim of this short post is to make your traveling simpler!

Number 1: Check the visa requirements for entry

If you’re traveling to a different country check your government’s website to see if you need a visa to enter that country.

I’ve met many rookie tourists who have overlooked this and arrived in a foreign country’s immigration patrol only to be told they

must return to their country to obtain a tourist visa.

Don’t let that be you, you WILL NOT get any of your money back. Not even if you cry. lol!

Suck it up, and do your research, thoroughly each and every time.

What I do: Once I’ve got a country in mind, I first check Dr. Google: “travel to Zimbabwe visa requirements” and click on the

Travel.State.Gov (if you’re an American citizen) website and read the requirement(s) for entry and also take note of the travel

advisory alerts. Also click here to read about the 7 items you MUST pack each time you travel.

Number 2: Check the travel advisory

This too is a step many tourists and travelers alike overlook but it could lead to a lot of unnecessary headaches. It could also lead you to being hurt or worst.

Many governments create the travel advisory alerts to inform their citizens of (i.e. political unrest, kidnappings, death(s), civil unrest, or viruses in a certain area).

It’s imperative that you are kept abreast with what’s happening on the ground of the place you’re going to visit.

There is nothing scarier then going to a foreign place and you get robbed at gunpoint or you’re violently kidnapped because you failed to safe guard yourself with free foreign intelligence.

Or because you failed to use common sense.

Not victim blaming. Observe, research, and prevent yourself from being placed in a dangerous situation.

Number 3: Do research on the place you’re going to visit

A quick Bing or Dr. Google search on a country/ city can save you hours and give you a huge advantage in the sense of information

you’ll have about the place, their government/ culture/ demographic(s) etc.

Plus its all free!

Travel books are okay, I personally don’t use them because the information usually are outdated and presented in a way that I find

overwhelming. Web searches are quicker, direct, and more transparent if you find the right sources.

Number 4: Make an Itinerary

This is actually my favorite pre-travel task lol!

Idk, I maybe am a little weird but I’ve learned over the years that when you make deliberate plans to visit certain places at a specified time you get the most out of the trip.

Plus other rewards like your trip having structure, you have time allotted to minimize you wasting your time.

It doesn’t have to be complex, as I mentioned in other posts, I use my stickynote app.

I list the places I want to see, their addresses, their hours of operation, their fees… and go from there.

You can design your itinerary anyway that makes you feel good, just have one and share how your next trip goes! =)

Number 5: Compare prices

Again technology saves the day, back in the day you had a difficult time to find affordable tickets to travel anywhere let alone there were far fewer travel agencies than there are today.

I usually search multiple search engines by using certain key words (i.e. … “cheap plane ticket 2/21/2021”) from there I would search

the results until I find something that’s within my budget.

And there you have it, 5 easy travel hacks you SHOULD do each time you travel.

Which one is your favorite or your least favorite? Please write a comment and share this article with some of your friends.

Safe travels!