2022 goals

Oh, hey 2022! More traveling to come.

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Hey folks, so 2022 is here but so are many of the societal ills, and the ongoing global pandemic 😞😞😞.  


On the bright side, it’s a great time to plan out some of the places you want to visit for the remainder of the new year and beyond.

What cities/ neighborhoods do you wanna see?

What’s your budget?

As for me, I plan to travel domestically around the US and to possibly do a cross country road trip again. 😁😁😁 Several years ago, I did a road trip from Florida to Colorado in a week or so. It was exciting, it was my first roady so it was super warm and really expanded my mind and views of America’s hidden gems. 


I want to travel some cities in the East Coast and also head to the West Coast. Now, exactly when that will happen is still debatable but I will not travel during the winter months at all for obvi reasons lol! I’m a carib woman and I don’t want to deal w the slushy ice coldness and whiteness of that climate anymore— at-least not right now! I’ve experienced all 4 seasons during Uni and during my Grad school years. Snows days were fun when you didn’t have to work but now & + global warming has made them more dangerous and unbearable. So yeah— I’ll be traveling during the other 3 seasons. 

Black girl in field

More will come… but as of now I’m working on budgeting for the upcoming adventures. I’ll most likely will travel light, with a rucksack + Nikon. 

Wbu! Going anywhere exciting?

Comment and share.

Travel smart and safe.



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