Yo, I'm Bebe! What's up!?

Welcome to my travel blog– join me in traveling the world.

Bebe north of Toyko, Japan

~Inspire you to travel

I want to inspire you to travel all over the world more.

Throughout my blog I will share unpopular and popular solo travel tips, hacks, amazing original stuff (i.e. photos, my perspectives…) honestly recount adventures, misadventures, heart warming, gut wrenching and out right weird freaky travel experiences to help you on your traveling journey.

There are over 190 unique countries on planet Earth, traveling can be incredibly life fulfilling if done right. You should do it, whenever you have a chance.

Not all travels need to be expensive, long lasting, or upscale. I always travel on a fixed budget. I’ll detail how I’ve traveled so frequently and how I get to do everything I want on a stress-free budget.

I’ve traveled to just over a dozen countries however, I am always trying to befriend people from all walks of life, to broaden my understanding of different cultures, to understand various perspectives, and more. If you don’t already do this, it too can be heartfelt and can be a great practice to get you outside of your shell.

Let’s play a fun game.

Do you want to travel? Yes or no? Why?

Please take a moment and respond honestly.

Take a moment. . .

Listen to yourself.

How did you feel while you were responding to those questions?

Did you feel joy or excitement overrun your mind?

If not, maybe you haven’t been outside of your comfort zone recently.

That’s okay for now, continue reading my blog and I bet my solo travel adventures will ignite a huge rush of curiosity that may motivate you to travel very soon! 

Let’s continue this game.

Where do you want to travel to? And why?

Take your time and respond honestly.

What sort of experiences do you want to have?

Are you enjoying yourself yet?

I am.

Now let’s go further ahead.

You’ve selected your next destination, you purchased your flight/boat/ helicopter or an RV to start your next adventure.

You’ve completed your research about the culture, climate, food, etc. Now go enjoy the unpredictable ride!


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